Saturday, 4 August 2007

Lacrimosa (part I)

Lacrimosa - Angst (1991)

Lacrimosa - Einsamkeit (1992)

Lacrimosa - Satura (1993)
I'm uploading this :)

Lacrimosa - Alles Luge (1993)

Lacrimosa - Schackal (1994)

Lacrimosa - Inferno (1995)

I wont say this is just Gothic Metal, I mean Lacrimosa has its own style (this is my oppinion) and I really like their music, so Enjoy this, and more is coming!!!!!

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entiendo q no me hayas respondido todos tenemos muchas cosas q hacer , de hecho he subido pocos discos a mi blog por andar arreglando mis cosas pra volver aclass .
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