Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Shadowcraft - Inside a Sick Mind (2006)

Shadowcraft (Greece) [Black Metal]

2.Terrible Screams

Boris - Pink (2005)

Boris (Japan) [Drone Doom Metal]

3.Women On The Screen
4.Nothing Special
7.Pseudo Bread
9.Six, Three Times
10.My Machine
11.Just Abandoned Myself

Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom (2006)

Diablo Swing Orchestra (Sweden) [Avant Garde Metal]

1.Balrog Boogie
3.Poetic Pitbull Revolutions
4.Rag Doll Physics
6.Velvet Embracer
7.Gunpowder Chant
9.Wedding March For A Bullet
10.Qualms Of Conscience
11.Zodiac Virtues
12.Porcelain Judas
13.Pink Noise Waltz

Svartnar - Failure of Mankind (2006)

Svartnar (Sweden) [Black Metal]

1.Introduction To Disgust
3.Vanskapt Vardag
5.Dess Sanna Jag
6.Path To End
8.Failure Of Mankind

Monday, 24 September 2007

Oilfield Rig - Coiled Tubbing

Yeah!!! I just love my job :)
By the way I'll be posting
new material tomorrow, so just wait for great news
and talking about the
pictures... this weekend, hardworking with the Coiled Tubbing Unit, cleaning the
wellbore for sealstone, 4 days without sleeping, so I'm going to take a rest
now... just arriving at home hehehehe

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My Shameful - The Return to Nothing (2006)

My Shameful (Finland) [Doom/Death Metal]

1.This Same Grey Light
2.Days Grow Darker
3.No Dawn
4.The Return To Nothing
5.It Can't Get Worse
7.Just One

My Shameful - ...of Dust

My Shameful (Finland) [Doom/Death Metal]

1. ...Of Dust
2.And Waters Will Close
3.Your Darkness Shine
4.One Lost
5.I Found Nothing Sacred
6.These Empty Rooms
8.To Never Return

Silent Cry - Darklife (2005)

Silent Cry (Brazil) [Doom/Goth Metal]

1.Suffocated in Darkness
2.Sweet Serenades
3.Remembrances of the Future
4.Last Goodbye
5.Innocence’s Look
6.My Tears are Still Falling
7.The Wine’s Dance
8.The Moment is the Time

Silent Cry - Dance of Shadows (2002-2003)

Silent Cry (Brazil) [Doom/Goth Metal]

1.The Half Light
2.Two Worlds
3.Dance of Shadows
4.Silent Scream
5.My Evil
6.Victory's Time
7.Only to Love you
8.Beyond the Silent Night
9.Devoured By Words

Monday, 17 September 2007

Travaille, Travaille... mais c'est genial!!!!

It's been quite difficultuploadin' somw material to the blog in the late weeks, I know.. maybe's 'cause of job... Petroleum Field Engineer lifestyle is some like crazy, by the way I haven't forgotten my blog, and I'll be uploading all weeks some material, maybe u'll got 2-3-4 up the same day... not just one per day... so keep checking, there'll be always something new, if you got a problem also let me know, and enjoy!!! METAL FOR LIFE!!!!

ps. some pics from my job :)
(1. Mechanical Pumping for producing Oil
2. Coiled Tubbing Operation at night, Unseal Clean Operation)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Silent Cry - Goddess of Tears (2000)

Silent Cry (Brazil) [Gothic Doom Metal]

1.Desire of Dreams
2.Last Visions
3.Tears of Serenity
5.Crying Violins
6.Illusions of Perfection
7.The End of the Innocence
8.Good-bye in the Silence

My Shameful - Of All the Wrong Things (2003)

My Shameful (Finland) [Doom/Death Metalk]

2.Scattered Ashes
3.Blackend Lies
4.A Saddened Sunset
5.The Wind That Burns All
7.I Fear

From Ashes - As the Leaves Fall

From Ashes (Finland) [Dark Metal]

2.Withering Leaves
3.Starlit Thoughts
5.Dream of Eternity
6.Voiton Päivä
9.Song of Autumn
10.Shadowy Garden

My Darkest Dream - In Love With Misanthropia (1997)

My Darkest Dream (France) [Sympho Black Metal]

1.Prelude to Misanthropia
2.Demonic Queen
3.Your Blood as my Cult ...
4.Here Lies my Bride
5.Dismal Sadism

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Silent Cry - Remembrance (1999)

Silent Cry (Brazil) [Doom Goth Metal]

1.Forgotten Dreams
2.Tragic Memory
3.Celestial Tears
5.My Last Pain
6.The Death Invites To Dance

Monday, 10 September 2007

Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic (2001)

Virgin Black (Austrlia) [Doom Goth Metal]

1.Opera de Romanci: I. Stare
2.Opera de Romanci: II. Embrace
3.Walk Without Limbs
4.Of Your Beauty
5.Drink the Midnight Hymn
6.Museum of Iscariot
7.Lamenting Kiss
8.Weep for Me
9.I Sleep with the Emperor
10.A Poet's Tears of Porcelain

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Artesia - Hilvern (2005)

Artesia (France) [Dark Ambient/Neoclassic/Atmospheric]

01. Une nuit en Hilvern
02. L'autre chemin
03. Rencontre avec la Dame
04. La clairière des fées
05. Une ancienne légende
06. Barenton
07. Prière au mortel
08. Les hommes ne se rappellent plus mon nom
09. Eveil et desespoir
10. L'abandonnée

Really good Dark Ambient material!!! Enjoy :)

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Theatre des Vampires no Brasil (08/09/2007)

Organização: Dark
Mega Show Com a Banda Italiana Theatres des vampires

Pela primeira vez no Brasil, os italianos do THEATRES DES VAMPIRES trazem seu Gothic Metal no dia 8 de setembro na Tribe House (Henrique Schauman, 517, Pinheiros - São Paulo/SP). Os ingressos vão ser vendidos nas lojas Lady Sanke e Consulado do Rock na Galeria do Rock, no valor de R$50,00 antecipado e R$80 na porta.

ingressos Já á Venda e limitados Na Galeria do Rock
Lojas Consulado do Rock e Lady Snake

Friday, 7 September 2007

Mirror of Deception - Shards (2006)

Mirror of Deception (Germany) [Doom Metal]

4.The Eruption
6.Dead Pledge
7.The Capital New
9.Frozen Fortune

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Silent Cry - Tears of Serenity (1997)

Silent Cryz (Brazil) [Gothic Doom Metal]

1.Intro Act I
2.Intro Act II
4.Tears Act I (The Death)
5.Sweet Kernel
6.Tears Act II (Lamentation)
7.Tears of Eternity
8.Tanatofilo, Opulento, Plenílunio
11.Tears Act III (Darkness)
12.Tears Act IV (Forever)
13.Crying Violins

Great Doom Band from my homecountry, enjoy it :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance (1999)

Estatic Fear (Austria) [Sympho Doom Metal]

1.Intro (Unisono Lute Instrumental)
2.Chapter I
3.Chapter II
4.Chapter II
5.Chapter IV
6.Chapter V
7.Chapter VI
8.Chapter VII
9.Chapter VIII
10.Chapter IX

I love this master piece album!!! Really dark, sorrowfull, yeah it reflects that dark goth doom atmosphere, so if you like the genre, you will love it!!! Enjoy by the way :)

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Apocalyptica - I'm Not Jesus (Single 2007)

Apocalyptica (Finland) [Instrumental Metal]

1. I'm not Jesus

This is just the new single, I couldnt find yet the demo or the full length album, by the way the new demo is also named "I'm not Jesus" and the new album is named "Worlds Collide", it'll be release in September 17th and have 11 songs... so if you like this band, remember september has just begun... Enjoy the single by now!!!

And now I must say, this is for my friend JP... miss ya guy!!!, remember to come and visit me by here.. and hope everything is going ok in Bolivia... as well hope to se ya soon as the Company Man in DLS!!

Drowning the Light - To the End of Time (2007)

Drowning the Light (Australia) [Black Metal]

1.To the End of Time
2.Inhumane Premonition
3.The Will to Survive
4.Severing All Ties with this Mortal World
5.Where is your Pride
6.The Obscene Rite of Possession
7.In the Fallen Kingdom
8.Requiem to the Remaining Few who Still Stand